We are the Team Confidently Beautiful of the “Dito Po sa Asean: Philippines, Rising Tiger of the Orient.”

Aira Jammiele I. Santander

(Reasearcher/Blogger/Editor/Team Leader)

“We have accepted the challenge of representing our own country in the ASEAN Community. At first, I thought that it will be hard for us to supply information or at least filter out the information since we are natives of the country. But with team work and cooperation, we managed to push through and come up with this blog site.I thank those people who has extended their help and assistance to us in the course of making this project. To our course instructors who have made this possible, a heartfelt thanks for letting us experience this because through this, because personally, I get to appreciate more my country.”


Ma. Vanessa E. Carmona


“Experience is the great teacher. For me this experience led me to gain informations that I really don’t know before particularly in our country, the Philippines. In order to know it, we dig deeper so that we can fully gain and attain it. I am very thankful because throughout this experience we learned a lot and I am pretty sure that this learnings will be in our mind and in our hearts forever.”


Laicah May V. Vilar


“Blogging is to be enjoyed and providing helpful information. And doing a blog site is about what you want to say in your topic. While I am doing my blog site I need to search about my topic to have an idea. And sometimes I just need to slow down, pause and think quietly about what I am next to write to my blog site.  And after I finished my blog site I am so glad, I learned a lot and know more about in my topic .And in this website it can help you to learn and know more about Jose Rizal our national hero and the People Power Revolution. And my website is very interesting. And finally after all the tiredness it was all worth it. And all I can say is create a blog and talk about what you know you’re learning. It’s easy and you can do it.”


Giselle R. Reduta

(Reasearcher/Blogger/Video Editor)

“’Patience is the way to do the task well.’ Doing this project is not that easy, especially in doing the article, that is why “patience” should always be there. Hardship is always there too in order to learn something and accomplish everything. This project really helps me to understand and be aware in our very own country, the Philippines. I can say that my group mates also help me to represents the culture of our country which is the “BAYANIHAN”, because we work as one.”


Jossabell R. Calvario


“In this project I learned a lot such as how to get and filter the information from the internet with the reliable resources. And I can say that I have known the Philippines deeper than what I have known before, this thing helps me to really appreciate things that we have here. Meanwhile I also learned using the word press, in terms of making an article I have done the “we are many but one” and “Remnants of an ancient system: Writing baybayin” ”  it helps me to think critically though thanks to Ms. Santander because she helps me to do so, It such a great experience for having this project.”


Emmanuel A. Llamasarez


“I’m glad that I became part of this project. Now that it’s done, our tiredness was worth it. Overnights and overtime, I’m immune to that and I don’t mind it. What important is we finished this website with fun and unity. I can say that I learned and I’m proud that my help could see globally. I mean this website can browse by everyone and it brings my contribution.  I have nothing more to say, this website just always nailed my feelings and I can’t help it every time I think that we’re done, my happiness overload.”



Ma. Angela L. Estilles


“Throughout this experiences, I learned lots of information that can help me most especially the knowledge about my own country.”



Liezel M. Ocampo


“In every experience we learn something. From this project, I learned more about from our country, Philippines. I believe that we also learn from others, so from my groupmates I learned a lot from in a way of using website and how to make it. That’s why I’m very thankful for that experience.”


External Technical Support

Prince Eduard Panol

Ken Ferdinand Tenorio

Course Instructors

Prof. Reynald M. Cacho (ASEAN Culture and Society)

“This DPSA project does not only focus on documenting independent learning but also collaborative offline and online digital footprints like the ASEAN way for authentic learning anchored on local and global context. “

Prof. Rosario V. De Asis (Web Design and Publishing)


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