Breaking through the Chain: Gilas Pilipinas versus South Korea


“Words can’t describe how we’re feeling right now. They beat us many times in International basketball, the tough losses. This is for our country, Philippines. We’ve been fighting and fighting to get back to the level of top Asian Basketball. And absolutely, this is the sweetest for me” said Gilas Pilipinas Captain Jimmy Alapag.

Manila, Philippines- Philipines team celebrate after winng again


Gilas Pilipinas, our National Men’s Basketball team has a long history of heartbreak involving its rivals from South Korea. After long years of hardships and endeavor, they have finally defeated their long- time rival over 86- 79 in the semifinals of 2013 FIBA Asia Tournament- August 11, 2013.

Looking back to that glorious years, it was really such a heart- warming result. EverythingGilas-Pilipinas-South-Korea-FIBA-ASIA-2013 seem to be just yesterday. Just three quarters earlier when Douthit, a pillar of strength for Gilas inside the paint, suddenly limped off the court despite no apparent contact after hurting a right calf he had previously hurt in the Qatar game. But when Douthit retreated to the dugout ahead of the team never return to the game again, a group of Filipinos on the floor showed what grit and heart was all about in a brave stand that put the Koreans on the back foot.


What’s interesting about this win is that South Korea has been responsible for the most pain for the Philippine team when it comes to International basketball. But after this history game, various emotions were all over the MOA Arena from the Players, Coaches, Staffs, and most especially to their fans.


As a fan, I really don’t know what to feel that time. Before it started, my heart was like the ball they were holding and playing off. Feeling nervous and feeling proud that my very own team will successfully overcome the game. And they never failed us, the chain is totally gone. After the game, tears kept on falling from my eyes and from the eyes of every Filipino who witnessed this one of kind happenings.


Thank you very much, Gilas Pilipinas Players, their families, Bosses, Coaches and Staffs for this memory that we will forever store in our heart and in our mind.

All together let us shout, “LABAN PILIPINAS! PUSO!”


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Beyond the Phenomenon! (AlDub: Philippine Entertainment)


“What’s that?”

“Why is it always trending and gets the top spot daily on twitter’s worldwide trends?”

Those are the common questions that has been circulating, specifically in the social media platform, Twitter, since topics with #ALDUB broke through the internet on the second quarter of the year 2015. But what is this thing really all about? How did it impact Philippine entertainment? In the new face of advertising? In the daily lives of the Filipinos?


Breaking Boundaries: The birth of the Split screen love team

It was the noon of July 16 2015. On the longest running TV show on noon in the Philippines, ‘Eat Bulaga!’ It was just an ordinary Thursday for Yaya Dub, a nanny who doesn’t talk and just communicated through the popular Dubsmash,  from the baranggay (a character portrayed by, Maine Mendoza) first saw Alden Richards (Richard Faulkerson Jr in real life) from the studio via split screen!

So what’s the interesting part there? Beside that fact that Mendoza’s character is a grumpy nanny who smiled and seemed to feel all giddy at the sight of Richards smiling at here from the studio (I can’t really blame her though, who wouldn’t? Just look at that adorable dimples on his cheek!), everything that day has NO SCRIPT! Yes, you have read that right. Everything was unplanned. Unexpected. The birth of their tandem is somehow incidental in a way. Alden being his usual self, watching the daily segment of the show which features Maine who happened to forgot to act according to her character. From then on, Filipinos seem to be caught up with the tandem.


Screen Grab: Eat Bulaga! Facebook page

For you to really see what I am talking about (in any case you are not familiar with that ‘fateful’ day) You can watch the first episode of the Kalyeserye here. For that same episode with English subtitle, Click here.


The Record breaking Kalyeserye featuring the Pabebe Wave!


Seeing that the tandem has gained unexpected attention and popularity on social media, Eat Bulaga! The TV show where the first two saw each other via split screen has arrived to an idea of making a story line for the characters which was later on called as “Kalyeserye.” Kalye means street. Serye for series. According to one of the show’s hosts, since the setting of the segment where Maine belongs is set on the streets, it is just appropriate that Kalyerye should be the name. Iba ‘to! (This is different!) as they say. Indeed it is.

The Kalyeserye even with just a few days of its regular run on national TV, even with the two just meeting through a split screen, even without talking with each other, has gained much of the people’s attention! Raising up the rating of the show to a whopping 50.8% (Tamang Panahon episode), setting up the bar higher for introducing a new way of giving entertainment through unscripted episodes and genuine reactions, gaining over a million tweets at Twitter on a daily basis, breaking an international record for gaining 41 million tweets, the most counted tweets within 24 hours, for their hashtag #ALDUBEBTamangPanahon for their sold-out benefit concert on the Philippines’ largest indoor arena which was the first personal encounter of the tandem after almost three months of just meeting on cam. Breaking records after records, the AlDub Nation (as we, fans, call ourselves) has indeed no chill when it comes to supporting our idols. What can we do? They are just as irresistible as that.


After Freeze: Beyond the spotlight


AlDub, because of its undeniable popularity and appeal to the Filipino people, has attracted a lot of companies and advertisers to make them as their brand ambassadors. The two has a lot of endorsement (together and individual).  In addition to that, almost all the products/services that they endorse is surely a hit in the market. A concrete evidence of this, is the increase in the sales of the fast food chain which happens to be their first endorsement together. The company has earned a massive increase in their sales within just a month after the first TV Commercial of the pair was released. That is really incredible! A detergent soap brand, Telecommunications brand, and a cookie sandwich brand are few of the companies that trusted them first.


What do you think is the reason why people trust are trusting just about everything that they recommend to the public?

Them, being a trendsetter is not really a surprise to me. After being introduced with a fresh medium of presenting entertainment, everyone just literally became intrigued with their craft and just fell in love with them. Another thing, I suppose, is because amidst all of those, the two remain humble and still stood on the ground. Well it is very evident. I bet no one can disagree with me on that part because that can really be noticed in just about all off their interviews and press conferences.


I guess another factor is that, the two has been acting as a role model to most of the people, most especially for the youth, right now. Reliving the traditional Filipino and Bible values (through Kalyeserye), they are both more than just the pretty face because their hearts are bigger more than anything (plus their wisdom just being a bonus) No wonder,they were able to slay the entertainment and advertising business in just a few months.


From reel to real?


8 months and counting, a lot of fans are still praying that their on-screen tandem would continue in reality. As a lot of us in the AlDub Nation or should I say, MaiChard Nation would always brag, they are a match made in heaven. From accidental meeting to forever. Don’t you think that God really permits the union of these two in time? Just by merely thinking about it, my heart really swoons in happiness for them.

Maine and Alden, having such a very public life because of popularity was still able to maintain a very private life, including the status of their relationship. After all, no one of us, not even them, knows what is in store for them in the future. But one thing is for sure, the mark that they have left on the Philippine entertainment industry will be remembered forever.


It’s more fun in the Philippines!

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Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Welcome to the Land of the Confidently Beautiful!

11.jpgPhilippine known as “The Pearl of the Orient Seas.” has a huge variety of both natural and man-made attraction. If you have plans of visiting the country, I would love to suggest to you my Top 10 Travel Destination in PH.

On the 10th spot, we got the capital city of the Philippines, Manila – its heart and soul!

Makati City Philippines

The city may lack on the natural scenes and greener environment but still, it will never fail amaze you. From the popular shopping centers like the Mall of Asia, you can go to Divisoria where you can find all you need with the cheapest prize possible. Around Metro Manila, you can enjoy and feel its public parks like Luneta Park and World’s Heritage Sites like Intramuros and San Agustin Church, Philippines oldest colonial church. Manila is the very core of the 7,000 times more islands that make up the Philippines. It is the center for the performing arts in Asia. It is also considered as one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world!


For my 9th spot, the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.

The city is located on the Cordillera Administration Region; situated on a mountainous elevation, the city maintains the average temperature of 21 C (70 F) in April as the hottest month and 18 C (64 F) for January as the coldest month which makes the city suitable for people who wants to just keep it cool even on the hottest day of the year. It’s just 5 hours of travel using own car from the capital city of the country. Burnham Park, Camp John Hay and Mines View Park are the must see places whenever you got the chance to visit the city.

Boracay is on my 8th spot. The paradise of this country.

Azzurro  Di Boracay define as an amazing escapade to remember

This crystal clear island was chosen to be named as Best Overall Island by Travel & Leisure Magazine. This island is located in Malay, Aklan Western Visayas and its area is 7km long and less than km wide.

If you want the feeling of facing the beauty of nature with the real adventure and maybe the fun relaxation, Boracay could fill your satisfaction. Talking about the foods and rooms, Boracay will serve you their best hotel services and food delicacies. Watersports, poy dancing, night parties will amaze you for every second staying the island.

On the 7th spot, I would have to choose Davao City.

If you’re searching for a pleasant but fun nice city, then you must go to Davao City. With clean, modern and improving system of Davao, everybody would love this place. The Crocodile Park as one of the most popular attractions of Davao amazed every tourist who have been there where it showcases more than just crocs but a variety of wildlife. In addition to that, “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” is Davao city’s premier festival and showcases the natural and cultural bounty of the land which is a movable feast in August.

6th on my list, is the Banaue, Ifugao!

Ifugao Rice Terraces used to be “World Heritage in Danger

Banaue of Painterly Dreams a leading tourism destination in Asia, the Banaue Rice terraces start from the base of the Cordilleras and reach up to several thousand feet high. It’s length if stretched from end to end, could encircle half of the globe. After trekking through the terraces cool retreats indeed are the spring-fed steam of Guihob and the magnificient Tappiya Waterfalls which has an enormous basin for swimming.

On 5th is the province of Bohol!

Bohol is a first income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of the island itself and 75 minor surrounding islands. The famous Chocolate Hills is located in one of the towns of Bohol, Carmen. Chocolate hills is a series of 1,268 perfectly symmetrical, haycock shape hills that rise some 30 meters above the ground.24

Getting into my 4th spot is Cebu City.

Cebu is the travelers’ fantasy of a tropical island come true-balmy weather, pristine beaches, crystalline waters, and luxurious resorts with all the frills of modern living.

Batanes is on the 3rd place!

I am always fascinated with this place because of its peacefulness and amazing scenery. For me, its environment resembles the environment of Switzerland with its green environment and mountainous setting. To date, one of its major island, Batan Island still has a few remnants of the Spanish rule, old fashioned edifices, centuries old Spanish churches and an old Spanish bridge can still be seen there.

Landing on the 2nd spot is the Ilocos region.

Amazing and beautiful attractions of Ilocos

A lot of things can be visited in the region, from the white sand up to the old classical churches on the Northern part of the region. On Ilocos Sur where the old world city is located, Vigan with its centuries-old edifices, is a breathing reminder of what was once a royal city. Today, Vigan retains much of the  patina of 18th century Castillan architecture as seen in some 150 stone houses which is stand in the town’s Mestizo District, notably Mena Crisologo Street. Many of these ancestral home are still in good condition and some are have been turned into cozy inns, museums, and souvenir shops.

Topping my list is Palawan!

Palawan is named to be the Philippines’ cleanest and greenest city. With its unique mega-diversity, Palawan has bountiful resources, abundant wildlife and extraordinary natural beauty. It is also known for having many ethnic community that thrive in these islands and a few other daring settlers who wanted to live in unpolluted surroundings. Palawan may have opened itself to tourism but it also taken serious effort to preserve this last frontier.


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The More, The Merrier!: Tourism in the Philippines

Philippines is indeed one of the countries blessed with rich and wonderful natural resources and attractions. It is one of the things that we should put a lot of effort and much attention in order for us to maximize the things that it brings which are most beneficial to us. From crystalline waters up to the rough, slick lime stones from underground. You’ll find them here! In line with this, Tourism is indeed booming in the Philippines for the past years. Every year, different advocacies for the attraction of tourists here in the country. The latest are the tourism campaigns of CHOOSE PHILIPPINES Campaign and IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.



Reasons are COUNTLESS. We can start off with the warm and nice people up to the economic advances in the country. If we’ll look into them detail by detail, you might end up wanting to live the rest of your life in the country! From leisure u


Festivals are more fun in the Philippines! As most people would say, a party here is called a fiesta. During a fiesta, different colorful “banderitas” can be seen hanging above the streets, children are dancing on the street wearing colorful costumes that are related to the festivity. For example is from the hometown where I grew up, Calauag, Quezon Philippines. Alimango festival is celebrated annually on the third week of May. Students of different school compete on a street dancing and wears Alimago-inspired costumes.  Several competitions were also held like cooking contest, bangkarerahan, alimango race, and the competition of the biggest and heaviest alimango. It is a week-long celebration for thanksgiving and promotion of products and tourism of the town. That is just one among the countless festivals in the country like Pahiyas in Lucban Quezon, Kadayawan sa Dabaw in Davao City, Sinulog in Cebu and many more!



Waves – More fun in the Philippines! Got that big love for beaches? Island hopping? Extreme water sports or just enjoys the dip on the water on a hot summer day? The Philippines got it all for you. You can choose of the sand of your favorite color! We got black, brown, gray, white, even pink! In addition to that, The Philippines, according to its Department of Tourism, the No. 1 tropical beach in the world is here in one one of its provinces, Palawan!

If you want to just do sun bathing and partying by the beach, Boracay is the place for you! Situated in the Panay Island of Western Visayas. The destination is just perfect for those who just want to chill and enjoy nature.

Or if you’re after extreme water sports, like surfing on the most challenging place in the country, Siargao Island, the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” in Surigao del Norte is the place for you!

Choices are countless! Hungry for more? 🙂




Above the clouds – More fun in the in the Philippines!

Mountain Trekking? Climbing? Hiking? Been fond of exploring forests and going to extreme heights? The country has a variety of extreme sports to offer its visitors as well as the locals! The activities let you experience cloud nine! Like literally on the clouds because it will lift you up on air! An example of such is the adventure to Mt. Pinatubo!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s totally More Fun in the Philippines! has listed the “Ultimate List of Extreme Activities in the Philippines!” The activities ranges from mountaineering up to the water rafting in the Philippines! You can check out the activities here.

For your ultimate travel guide in the Philippines, you can also visit the government’s official site for tourism at In this site, you can further explore wider range of destinations and features of the country!

What are you waiting for?

See you soon in the Philippines! 🙂

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