About the Project

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Dito Po Sa ASEAN Project is inspired from the ‘Doon Po Sa Amin Quest, a competition hosted by Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) through its Smart Schools Program— one of the three major competitions under the Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) project. The output of the project is the exhibit of blog sites containing unique story/ies about the ASEAN countries as viewed by Philippine Normal University South Luzon students.
In this project Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education Junior High School and Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education Elementary 2A students taking ASEAN Culture and Society and Web Design and Publishing Courses, under Prof. Reynald Cacho and Prof. Rosario De Asis respectively, shall take on a bold challenge in doing international community mapping research and web design and publishing of content. This action plan is adopted and formatted from the DPSA Smart Schools Program.


DPSA Exhibit, March 21, 2016, PNU SL Social Hall, 8:00 am to 12nn (During the 1-day TLE Fair)


Get to know the Team Confidently Beautiful here.


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