Breaking through the Chain: Gilas Pilipinas versus South Korea


“Words can’t describe how we’re feeling right now. They beat us many times in International basketball, the tough losses. This is for our country, Philippines. We’ve been fighting and fighting to get back to the level of top Asian Basketball. And absolutely, this is the sweetest for me” said Gilas Pilipinas Captain Jimmy Alapag.

Manila, Philippines- Philipines team celebrate after winng again


Gilas Pilipinas, our National Men’s Basketball team has a long history of heartbreak involving its rivals from South Korea. After long years of hardships and endeavor, they have finally defeated their long- time rival over 86- 79 in the semifinals of 2013 FIBA Asia Tournament- August 11, 2013.

Looking back to that glorious years, it was really such a heart- warming result. EverythingGilas-Pilipinas-South-Korea-FIBA-ASIA-2013 seem to be just yesterday. Just three quarters earlier when Douthit, a pillar of strength for Gilas inside the paint, suddenly limped off the court despite no apparent contact after hurting a right calf he had previously hurt in the Qatar game. But when Douthit retreated to the dugout ahead of the team never return to the game again, a group of Filipinos on the floor showed what grit and heart was all about in a brave stand that put the Koreans on the back foot.


What’s interesting about this win is that South Korea has been responsible for the most pain for the Philippine team when it comes to International basketball. But after this history game, various emotions were all over the MOA Arena from the Players, Coaches, Staffs, and most especially to their fans.


As a fan, I really don’t know what to feel that time. Before it started, my heart was like the ball they were holding and playing off. Feeling nervous and feeling proud that my very own team will successfully overcome the game. And they never failed us, the chain is totally gone. After the game, tears kept on falling from my eyes and from the eyes of every Filipino who witnessed this one of kind happenings.


Thank you very much, Gilas Pilipinas Players, their families, Bosses, Coaches and Staffs for this memory that we will forever store in our heart and in our mind.

All together let us shout, “LABAN PILIPINAS! PUSO!”


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