Beyond the Phenomenon! (AlDub: Philippine Entertainment)


“What’s that?”

“Why is it always trending and gets the top spot daily on twitter’s worldwide trends?”

Those are the common questions that has been circulating, specifically in the social media platform, Twitter, since topics with #ALDUB broke through the internet on the second quarter of the year 2015. But what is this thing really all about? How did it impact Philippine entertainment? In the new face of advertising? In the daily lives of the Filipinos?


Breaking Boundaries: The birth of the Split screen love team

It was the noon of July 16 2015. On the longest running TV show on noon in the Philippines, ‘Eat Bulaga!’ It was just an ordinary Thursday for Yaya Dub, a nanny who doesn’t talk and just communicated through the popular Dubsmash,  from the baranggay (a character portrayed by, Maine Mendoza) first saw Alden Richards (Richard Faulkerson Jr in real life) from the studio via split screen!

So what’s the interesting part there? Beside that fact that Mendoza’s character is a grumpy nanny who smiled and seemed to feel all giddy at the sight of Richards smiling at here from the studio (I can’t really blame her though, who wouldn’t? Just look at that adorable dimples on his cheek!), everything that day has NO SCRIPT! Yes, you have read that right. Everything was unplanned. Unexpected. The birth of their tandem is somehow incidental in a way. Alden being his usual self, watching the daily segment of the show which features Maine who happened to forgot to act according to her character. From then on, Filipinos seem to be caught up with the tandem.


Screen Grab: Eat Bulaga! Facebook page

For you to really see what I am talking about (in any case you are not familiar with that ‘fateful’ day) You can watch the first episode of the Kalyeserye here. For that same episode with English subtitle, Click here.


The Record breaking Kalyeserye featuring the Pabebe Wave!


Seeing that the tandem has gained unexpected attention and popularity on social media, Eat Bulaga! The TV show where the first two saw each other via split screen has arrived to an idea of making a story line for the characters which was later on called as “Kalyeserye.” Kalye means street. Serye for series. According to one of the show’s hosts, since the setting of the segment where Maine belongs is set on the streets, it is just appropriate that Kalyerye should be the name. Iba ‘to! (This is different!) as they say. Indeed it is.

The Kalyeserye even with just a few days of its regular run on national TV, even with the two just meeting through a split screen, even without talking with each other, has gained much of the people’s attention! Raising up the rating of the show to a whopping 50.8% (Tamang Panahon episode), setting up the bar higher for introducing a new way of giving entertainment through unscripted episodes and genuine reactions, gaining over a million tweets at Twitter on a daily basis, breaking an international record for gaining 41 million tweets, the most counted tweets within 24 hours, for their hashtag #ALDUBEBTamangPanahon for their sold-out benefit concert on the Philippines’ largest indoor arena which was the first personal encounter of the tandem after almost three months of just meeting on cam. Breaking records after records, the AlDub Nation (as we, fans, call ourselves) has indeed no chill when it comes to supporting our idols. What can we do? They are just as irresistible as that.


After Freeze: Beyond the spotlight


AlDub, because of its undeniable popularity and appeal to the Filipino people, has attracted a lot of companies and advertisers to make them as their brand ambassadors. The two has a lot of endorsement (together and individual).  In addition to that, almost all the products/services that they endorse is surely a hit in the market. A concrete evidence of this, is the increase in the sales of the fast food chain which happens to be their first endorsement together. The company has earned a massive increase in their sales within just a month after the first TV Commercial of the pair was released. That is really incredible! A detergent soap brand, Telecommunications brand, and a cookie sandwich brand are few of the companies that trusted them first.


What do you think is the reason why people trust are trusting just about everything that they recommend to the public?

Them, being a trendsetter is not really a surprise to me. After being introduced with a fresh medium of presenting entertainment, everyone just literally became intrigued with their craft and just fell in love with them. Another thing, I suppose, is because amidst all of those, the two remain humble and still stood on the ground. Well it is very evident. I bet no one can disagree with me on that part because that can really be noticed in just about all off their interviews and press conferences.


I guess another factor is that, the two has been acting as a role model to most of the people, most especially for the youth, right now. Reliving the traditional Filipino and Bible values (through Kalyeserye), they are both more than just the pretty face because their hearts are bigger more than anything (plus their wisdom just being a bonus) No wonder,they were able to slay the entertainment and advertising business in just a few months.


From reel to real?


8 months and counting, a lot of fans are still praying that their on-screen tandem would continue in reality. As a lot of us in the AlDub Nation or should I say, MaiChard Nation would always brag, they are a match made in heaven. From accidental meeting to forever. Don’t you think that God really permits the union of these two in time? Just by merely thinking about it, my heart really swoons in happiness for them.

Maine and Alden, having such a very public life because of popularity was still able to maintain a very private life, including the status of their relationship. After all, no one of us, not even them, knows what is in store for them in the future. But one thing is for sure, the mark that they have left on the Philippine entertainment industry will be remembered forever.


It’s more fun in the Philippines!

NEXT: The More, The Merrier!


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