Remnants of an Ancient System: Writing Baybayin



Does anyone else here still know what that is?

As we go and grow with technology, some significant things from the past are unfortunately forgotten. There are inevitable factors but what saddens me is that we seem to forget those that signifies the origin of the Filipino race. Something that we are supposed to be proud of for having something that is really ours and is not an evidence of foreign influences.


An example of what I talk about is the Baybayin, a writing system here in Philippines that has been used until late 19th century. It is said that the system is already being used in the country even before traders and colonizers enter the country.

Here is an example of the Baybayin.


Baybayin has different meanings and sometimes very deep meaning.

Many Filipino doesn’t even know how to read and write using the basic baybayin writing system. Baybayin is not really dead though as historians would say, it’s just isolated. Most Filipinos just know it as “historical artifacts. “ Some even adapted it as part of their art like the other Filipinos having it as their tattoos.


Currently, Filipinos are more capable of using the English writing system, maybe due to some factors such as adequate level of literacy and the fact that all early Spanish reports agreed that pre-Hispanic Filipino literature was mainly oral rather than written and it can be the reason behind why most Filipinos took the Baybayin writing system for granted.



Even if some things are forgotten, there are really things in our history that no one could ever forget. His life was taught since Philippine history was introduced to all of us. But how much do we really know about him?



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