THE WONDER FAN! – Windmills of the North

“Posters come to life!”

I can still remember how that statement reverberated on my mind when I first set foot on Bangui, Ilocos Norte more than five years ago. To finally see the man-made wonder of the north which I am just looking at the textbooks for the past eight years is something that I would have to treasure for the rest of my life. To see something as grand, and as scenic as this – that seem to be giant fans is just pure bliss!

What am I really talking about?bangui-windmills

Giant fans? Ilocos Norte?

Already have a clue?

Yes! I am talking about the WINDMILLS of the North!

I will always be in awe no matter how many times I see those. The best thing I guess to describe the place is fusion. In that place alone, the wonder of nature (the perfect view of the ocean, the fine sand on your foot, and the wind that can be felt) plus the man-made wonder (the windmills – which generates electricity to certain places) can be seen! Can you now imagine the actual scene now?

On the 28th of January 2016, Reasons on why I admire the windmills has been added up as I read an article published by which is the number cleantech-focused news & analysis site in the world.

40.jpgAccording to Cleantechnica, The Philippines has now overtaken all other members or is now the Largest Wind Power Generator in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in terms of installed wind energy capacity, having an operational wind energy capacity amounting to 400MW per windmill, making it possible to power almost a thousand of property! Now that’s what we called massive.

Furthermore, the country is still planning to increase the installed wind energy capacity to 1,600 MW over the next 2-3 years. According to the Renewal Energy Management Bureau, they have identifies at least 44 potential sites for setting up wind turbines, which together can support 1,168 MW of wind energy capacity and make the plan of increase possible.

If you were to ask about where the country would get the budget for such undertakings, the site has also mentioned this certain law which paved the way for such big intervention.

The Renewable Energy Law of 2008, which led to the launch of feed-in tariff scheme, attracted investment from several domestic and international project developers. The Law has also put into reality the Philippines’ largest wind energy project, with an installed capacity of 150 MW, and owned by Energy Development Corporation. The project also includes 50 units of the Vestas V90-3 MW turbine. The project is expected to generate 370 GWh of electricity every year and offset about 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.


Now that is really beneficial to the Filipino people. These kind of project just proves that the Philippines is really taking measures to wiggle its way to the top! An evidence that the country was never left behind in terms of the discoveries of new technologies.

Way to go Philippines!


After the sciences, let us now dig deeper into the Culture of the Philippines!

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