Filipinos really love to have fun! It is like everything in this world should be celebrated and fun should not have its end. As almost everyone would say, “It is more fun in the Philippines,” Festivals gives the fun or enjoyment it gives spice to the traditional parties that is celebrated from all around the world.

More occasions, more reasons to celebrate! There are lots of places here in the Philippines. Meaning, there are also lots of festivals. It seems like almost every place, even every corner in the country has their very own celebration! Festivals are often characterized with colorful materials which is used in an inventive way. Festivals in the Philippines are designed for people of all ages, so everyone can enjoy festivals.

Here is a list of a few popular festivals celebrated in the Philippines:


Ati-atihan is one of the most popular of the Philippine festivals. It is celebrated during January 16-22, in Kalibo, Aklan. Ati-atihan is a celebration in honor of the Sto. Niño. Revelers don colorful costumes and paint their bodies black and dance to the distictive beat of “Hala bira!” around the town.

sinulog_queenSINULOG is celebrated every third Sunday of January, in Cebu. Sinulog is the Feast of the Sto. Niño that is celebrated in Cebu with a procession, street dancing competition and a fluvial parade. Much like the Ati-atihan, the Sinulog Festival is marked by  the chant of “Pit Senor!”.


510Santacruzan is celebrated during the Month of May. The Santacruzan is a procession commemorating St. Helena’s finding the “True Cross;” preceded by a nine-day Novena in honor of the Holy Cross. On the ninth day, usually on a weekend, the Santacruzan is held. The Reyna Elena, accompanied by a little boy representing King Constantine, and the other sagalas representing biblical characters and the attributes of the Blessed Virgin, walk under gaily decorated arches.

Ati-atihan, Sinulog and Santacruzan are just some of the Festivals here in the Philippines. Most of the festivals are vibrant and energetic and many are of Hispanic influence. Philippines is often dubbed as “The Fiesta Islands” because of the uncountable number of Festivals.  Christmas is the best Festival and have the longest celebrated here in the Philippines even in the other country. It is celebrated from September to January. It is the Festival that is really significant because it’s the birthday of Jesus Christ that also represents “Love.”


If there are festivities, food will never be out-listed for every Filipino!

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