To a Peaceful Revolution!

”Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo, mapayapang paraang pagbabago.” (The gift of the Filipinos to the world, a peaceful way of reform)




For several years some time in between the 1970’s – mid-1980’s, the Filipinos seem to be robbed of their democratic rights in the form of Republic Act 1081. It was a dark era in the country wherein according to the testimonies of the people during those time, everyone should act in numbers, in precision, everything according to that sole person who was then referred to as “The Dictator.” Freedom seem to be a hard thing to obtain. For once was thought as something that can’t ever be seen again in the country in this lifetime.


The People Power Revolution

Who would want to be oppressed for the rest of his life? Who would want to be a slave in their own homeland? Definitely not the Filipinos. Every people during those time acted hand-in-hand and collectively fought against the dark system in the country through a peaceful revolution which I believe is the first ever in the history of the world. To put an end to what seem to be endless. To fight for a cause. To stand up not just for their rights but also for those of the generations that are yet to be born.

index.jpgPeople Power Revolution is a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines that began in 1983 and culminated on February 22–25, 1986. It is the Filipinos way of telling the then oppressing government that they have had enough and that everyone is emotionally and physically pained  and tired of all the dramas and lies fed to them.

From a personal perspective, the then gathering of the people is really something I can be proud of as a Filipino. Even though I wasn’t able to witness first hand the things that has happened those time, I guess testimonies and stories are enough to appreciate such movements. To put off something as grand as that law, I have to ta take my hats off to those courageous Filipinos!

What were the outcomes of EDSA I Revolution?Edsa-day-3-0224-660x371.jpg

Well, first of all, it made possible the end of a dictatorship. It is true that some rights were brought back to the Filipinos. However, economic disparities and huge inequality remain.

Secondly, The administration of the , the golden era of the Philippines disappeared. The golden era is characterized as the country being the second power economy of Asia. The time when the president held all the power under him, his wife traveled around the world putting the Philippines between the most important countries in the world. At that time, she said to have elevated the Filipino culture and arts very high to a pedestal, especially with the construction of the impressive buildings of the cultural centers of the Philippines. Sadly, the recovered democratic Filipino regime has been unable to reach those achievements.031505_143314.jpg

Thirdly, Filipinos took the streets again in 2001, during the four-day EDSA II revolution, to peacefully overthrew the president at that moment. Several evidences proved political corruption. Some senators initiated an impeachment process against the president but the people, supported by some important public leaders including a Cardinal and the rest of the former presidents, wanted him to resign immediately. Hundreds of thousands of protesters choke EDSA avenue again, as they did in 1986, calling for the resignation of the president. They succeeded and  the then vice-president took office. The debate whether that was a true revolution or not (or just a planned coup d’état) is still open. Anyway, it is clear that the real power in the country remains in the same hands that made EDSA I revolution possible.

People-Power-Revolution-EDSA-1986-e1381804329406Another thing, the imperfect democracy that appeared after EDSA revolution has not advanced in some basic human rights. It is easy to check the situation of thousands of unprotected workers in the Philippines. Most of them receive unfair salaries, as a consequence of the lack of trade unions.  The usual killing of trade union leaders and the government prosecution of unions is yearly denounced by different international human rights associations.

At the same time, the new democracy in the Philippines created a very weak government. The presence of the public sector in the country has clearly stepped back.  The time of huge public projects has ended, at least so far. Of course, the Philippines need more infrastructures to foster its development. The best example is the clearly inefficient and small metro manila massive transportation system. More lines, more trains are more frequencies are needed.

It is true that the Philippines is still a centralized country. Some autonomous regions have been created, especially because of the Muslim communities in Mindanao, in order to stop the armed conflict. But a true and deep administration reform is needed to develop and empower the rest of the country, not only Metro Manila.

To sum up, EDSA I or the people power revolution brought back basic freedoms and rights were recovered and Filipinos realized that yes, they can remove corrupts and dictators if they wanted.3317933661_631ab659dd.jpg

I always  have a high  respect,  regards, and gratitude to 1986 People Power Revolution – a dangerous life in four days in February that showed bloodless revolution and is acknowledged worldwide.   From the start, I’d love the spirit and objective of EDSA Revolution which we are still profiting the benefits up to now.  A movement of the people to regain a government of the people.

Practically, prosperity cannot be achieved right after the EDSA Revolution.  After recovering and restoring the democracy, the main platform of the assuming government is to establish the peace and order.  Sad to say it was aborted by leftist group who wants to go on with the original plan of taking over the government from dictator to military. When in fact, the true essence of People Power is to be the turning point and perfect timing to have national renewal and changes among all people.

The public has the full support, high morale and has very high trust on the new government.  But this opportunity was squandered by some politicians.  We should not charge the EDSA revolution for submerging us in a worse condition of poverty but rather the same old traditional politicians we have  that were leading us after the EDSA revolution.

1014061_10152215217051113_293733734_n.jpgThe essence and spirit of EDSA revolution has always been and will always be here, but in order to attain change, it is always in our hand to do the complete changes.  Would you rather go back to the dark ages? It’s already here, we are already experiencing the benefits of People Power. All we need to do is to extend our sincere service and contribution for further flow of wealth.

And I can strongly say, that the implication of the 1986 people power revolution is more than what it has brought to the Philippines, but also to the other countries who has been wanting to get out of the nightmare of slavery and dictatorship. The very purpose of EDSA revolution is to restore the democracy that has been suppressed for decades. Its all about that urge to have a big chance for democracy that has been aspired for long.

d.jpgGone are the days of constantly blaming the government for everything that is happening to your life. In fact, your life depends on you. Start the change within you and watch it flourish to everyone around you. It is a matter of choice, if only everyone would desire it, we can succeed together, hand-in-hand.




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